Vintage! So adorable.

The popularity of vintage style weddings has soared in the last few years and there is good reason for it, as the amount of creativity and gorgeous ideas that have been incorporated within this wedding theme create a personalised and unforgettable day. Every part of the wedding day can have a vintage twist to it from the invites and flowers to the venue decorations and the wedding car, let your creativity fly!

As the vintage theme has become more and more popular, more wedding services have been catering for this. Vintage wedding cars have become increasingly available for couples to hire for their special day such as Beauford Convertibles or even 1960s London busses!

For the colour scheme, colours like rose gold, dark browns, light pinks or champagne gold would look amazing in your wedding day photos, in front of a venue with some interesting history.

With Vintage as your theme, you have a wide scope of many different eras to make your wedding day fit your personality. The 1920’s would be a great decade to work with, giving you somewhat of a Great Gatsby feel to the whole day. Black and gold would give your venue that vintage feel but along with the elegance and the look of great expense! The 1950’s would also be a great era to choose from, giving you a more of a relaxed, down to earth day. When thinking of the 1950’s you can always think of ‘Grease’ for some ideas, the big skirts, the vintage burger vans and the popcorn! While vintage weddings are becoming more popular, the amount of different eras for you to choose from would still give you a wedding that is personal and stands out!

From this, it is easy to see that by going down the idea of having a vintage wedding, there is so much scope for you to work with and for you to unleash your creativity. Remember to keep your wedding day about you and your partner and with your wedding day it is easy to get stressed about bringing everything together however remember to take some time for you and your partner to enjoy it!

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