Emily and Henry's Autumn Wedding

I was so excited when these two asked me to be their wedding photographer. Emily is one of Alex's cousins so we had, of course, followed their love story from pretty much the word go! Emily and I share a lot in taste from cake to the colour yellow; and with Henry's amazing sense of style, I knew that their wedding day was going to be awesome. They got married at Henry's old school in Durham – a magnificent Gothic building which made it the perfect place for candles and a cosy vibe. Being an Autumn wedding, it also made it all the more magical. I met Emily in the morning at their Air BnB just down the road from the School. The atmosphere was calm and collected with the girls having their hair done, tea and bucks fizz in hand. It was so lovely to be able to join them. I was so impressed when Emily then showed me her beautiful bouquets that she had picked and made herself. It was mesmerising watching her do the finishing touches to them so delicately – I certainly would not have been able to do that on my wedding day! After a little while, I met Henry at the School as he was scheduled to have a whisky in his old dorm house. I knew that he would be in a wonderful outfit, but I truly was not prepared for the best pair of (his family) tartan, a full tails coat with a top hat – all finished perfectly with an umbrella balanced on his arm! Again, he seemed totally chilled at this point (perhaps it was because he had already spent some time down the pub!) as he walked around the school like he owned it. Back at bridal prep with Emily, tears had started as the finishing touches were made and dresses were put on. Rain had started, but that didn't matter to Em! She was on her way to get married. The School Chapel is beautifully set on top of the hill looking down at the school and the rest of Durham city. As she began walking down the aisle, the waterworks started until she reached Henry. It was such a wonderful service conducted by one of Emily's old Uni friends. Just as they were about to walk back down the aisle, I was told that we would have to halt them once they got to the end to say that sadly they couldn't go out to the wonderful little Procsseco van waiting outside as the heavens had opened and everyone should stay in the church! Not a problem for Henry and Emily, 'we'll just have it indoors!' Once the rain had settled, we formed the longest confetti tunnel in human history before I took them down to the famous bridge where we could have a bit of a quiet moment taking some lovely photos. Back at the School, the hall was looking fantastic with candles lit and music playing. After dinner, there were the speeches – which were fantastic! Henry made everyone laugh and cry for all the right reasons and will most probably be one of the best speeches ever made! The rest of the evening consisted of cake, dancing and lots to drink - which made it even more entertaining for me! The night finished with sparklers, giving the day a magical end. I really did love this wedding so much, and I felt so honoured to be the one photographing it. Thank you and congratulations again to Emily and Henry


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